University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)

SDU will cover the project administration and management role. SDU brings expertise in drone technology and computer science into the project. SDU will integrate the project solutions and perform the use cases.


Aarhus University (Denmark)

Aarhus University will bring low power wireless communication solution for drones as well as advancements in coordination within autonomous systems to the project.

Fraunhofer IMS (Germany)

Fraunhofer will customize its heavyweight powerline harvester into a lightweight version to make it light enough to be carried by a drone. Fraunhofer will provide an interface to connect the harvester with the drone.

Geopartner Landinspektører A/S

Geopartners will contribute with specialized knowledge regarding performing the inspection with drones and a key partner for the practical aspects of operating the drone

Develco A/S (Denmark)

Develco will provide a low power long range physical wireless communication network based on LoRaWAN technology to the project to form a collaborative drone system. The provided system will be designed to be interfaced with the drone’s computational unit. 

Science Ventures Denmark A/S (Denmark)

SVD will be responsible for building and implementing the commercial roadmap for Drones4Energy.  The commercial strategy will focus on developing the Drones4Energy-technologies into products