Event – 31st of May 2022

Invitation to the Final Drones for Energy Inspection workshop, At the HCAA Airport in Odense, Denmark.

Please save the date for the final workshop in the Drones4Energy project.

The workshop will present the achievements of the IFD Drones4Energy project (https://drones4energy.dk/) in drone development for grasping high-voltage cables, AI for powerline inspection, and energy harvesting for drones recharging, and a swarm system for fast inspection. The workshop involves talks from the project partners and will be running in a hybrid setup with live demos. For registration and more details contact: akl@tek.sdu.dk.

Event – 22nd of September 2021

The International Drone Show at the Hans Christian Airport in Odense

The Drones4Energy project current results where demonstrated at the International Drone Show at the Hans Christian Airport in Odense.

Event – 3rd of September 2021

WEBINAR – Frontiers in AI and Robotics, Odense robotics

Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen (Aarhus University) presented the Drones4Energy project at the Odense Robotics Webinar: Frontiers in AI and Robotics.

Event – 26th of August to 27th of August 2021 

The Fifth bi-annual project workshop, Odense Denmark.

After almost two years of online meetings, it was finally possible for the project consortium to meet face-to-face for the fifth bi-annual project workshop. Big thank you for the project partner and Energinet for a very productive and effective two days of working together and developing the Drones4Energy solution.

News – August 2021 – New publications

We are really happy to inform you that our paper entitled: “Design, Integration, and Implementation of an Intelligent and Self-recharging Drone System for Autonomous Power line Inspection” has been accepted in the flagship International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (#IROS 2021).

The team behind is: Nicolai IversenOscar Schofield, Linda Cousin, Naeem AyoubGerd vom Bögel, and Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid

Paper details are in: https://lnkd.in/dX7ZRsP

News – June 2021 – New Publications

We are really happy that our paper entitled “Pneumatic-Mechanical Systems in UAVs: Autonomous Power Line Sensor Unit Deployment” will be presented at the ICRA conference on the 1st June at 11:45 (GMT+1).

Our team member, Nicolai Iversen will present the latest research results in autonomous sensor deployment on power lines using drones.

If you are interested in the topic you may find detailed information about the article in: https://lnkd.in/eKfCEM5

Invitation to Second Drones for Energy Inspection Workshop

21st of January 2021, 12:30-16:00

All interested researchers in the area of infrastructure inspection, energy harvesting, swarm, and AI are invited.  The workshop will visualize the latest IFD Drones4Energy project achievements in drone development for grasping on high-voltage cables, AI for powerline inspection, energy harvesting for drone recharging, and swarm system for fast inspection. Registrations can be sent to: akl@tek.sdu.dk.

NewsFebruary 2021, The new Drones4Energy test center open and energized

We are very proud of energizing our powerlines at our new drone testing center at the HCA Airport in Odense! Our drones can now be tested rapidly under active cables in a controlled environment. Thank you CERIUS energy for the generous powerlines donation to The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute.

News – Slut med lift og helikopter: Drone overtager risikabelt arbejde

Great to see our Drones4Energy project is featured in #TV2FYN

tv2fyn.png | TV 2/FYN

Event – 12th of August to 13th of August 2020

The Third bi-annual project workshop held online in Zoom.

Thank you for all the project partners for partisipating in the online biannual project meeting. It was great to see that we can also work effectively together online. Thank you also for Energinet, our new Advisory Board member providing us great feedback.

Event – 13th of Januar to 14th Januar 2020

The Second bi-annual project workshop held at Fraunhofer in Duisburg, Germany.

Thank you every one for a very productive and effective two days of working together and developing the Drones4Energy solution. Special thank you for Fraunhofer for hosting the bi-annual workshop.

Event – 4th december 2019

Advances in drones for energy inspection 

On 4. December 2019 Robocluster, UAS Denmark, University of Southern Denmark and Aalborg University invite you to participate at an event focused on presenting the latest research in drone technologies for energy infrastructure inspection.

The event will unfold how new inspection methods can gather inspection data by using multiple drones in a fleet to inspect offshore installations.

Use this link for mor more information and registration 

Event  – 28th of August to 30 th of August 2019 

Special session at DDS Conference

Drones4Energy project is organizing a special session “System Design for Collaborating Intelligent Systems (SDCIS)” at the DDS Conference in Greece.   Please join us at the special session and hear more about the project and the results from the project.

Event – 3rd of April to 4th April 2019

The first bi-annual project workshop held at the University of Aarhus

Puprose for the first bi-annual project workshop was to review and finalize the first deliverables in the project.  During the two day workshop a lot of valuable feedback on the deliverables was gathered and will be integrated to the first official version.

Event – 30th of April 2019

The Drones4Energy project will be presented at an IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers) event named “Innovationsfondens projekter inden for droner og eksempler på intelligente droner” in Copenhagen. For more details and the registration, click here

Event – 5th of April 2019

Drones for Energy Inspection Workshop

It is fair to conclude that the Drones4Energy Inspection workshop 5th of April 2019 was a great success! So many people have contributed in so many ways to turn this event into a very good atmosphere for discussion and networking. Big thank you for HydroQuebec and EnergiNet for the presentations and thank you everyone for the good atmosphere and great discussions!

Invitation – 5th of April 2019

Drones for Energy Inspection Workshop 

Drones4Energy project is organizing a workshop with HydroQuebec, Canada and EnergiNet, Denmark to discuss the current inspection solutions for high-voltage powerlines using robots and drones. The project is inviting the project partners and all SDU researchers working within robotics, drones, AI to share their expereinces in the area of energy inspection.

News – 4 th of March 2019

Project logo published

The project partners have voted and chosen their favorit logo for the Drones4Energy project. The logo was partially designed by the communication services at the University of Southern Denmark.

Event – 12th December 2018 

Drones4Energy Kick-off Meeting

Project partners met for a fruitful kick-off meeting on 12th December 2018. The meeting was hosted by the project lead, The University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

Key members from the 7 Drones4 Energy partners attended and contributed to the meeting.